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STS  is an innovative third-party testing and inspection comprehensive quality certification organization for the research and development verification, testing and standard services of high-end manufacturing industries and their components, such as automotive, new energy, rail transportation and aerospace. Our company is headquartered in Suzhou Industrial Park and has built several branches nationwide.

Being well versed in international, national and corporate standards and specifications in the relevant fields, our company is a test platform that combines technical solutions with core strengths in "sound, light, electricity, heat, force, chemistry and communication", providing quality assurance services such as whole life cycle testing and verification for the global supply chain of automotive, new energy, industrial products and their components.

With the emergence of new technologies such as electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing in the high-end manufacturing industry, our company will continue to improve our testing technology, testing capabilities, technology development capabilities and provide clients with high-quality services through professional testing and verification, committed to building a bridge of trust between OEM and the supply chain, helping the manufacturing industry to develop in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way with high quality.





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