Electrical life test-

On/Off test
  • On-load/on-load break, on-load/no on-load break, on-load/on-load break.(48V-1500V;20-200A)

  • Limit breaking test-Overcurrent test/fuse test   

    Supports the ultimate breaking capability test of up to 12kA in the voltage range of 60Vdc to 1500Vdc. You can set the ultimate breaking test current and the duration of the ultimate current.(GB/T 14048.1-2012)

  • Short-circuit test-Supercapacitor bank

The power supply is connected to the current control mode to realize the short-circuit current control of the specimen. During the test, the specimen is always in the on-state. The test accuracy of this scheme meets the range of current (0, +5%).