Basic performance test

Energy and Capacity test

Power and internal resistance test

No load capacity loss

Capacity loss at storage

Cranking power at low temperatures

Cranking power at high temperatures

Energy efficiency test

GB/T31467.1-2015 7.1~7.6

  • Cycle life test

  • Room temperature capacity and energy

  • Room temperature power

  • Standard cycle life

  • Cycle life under working condition (energy type)

GB/T31484-2015  6.2,6.3 ,6.4 ,6.5.1,6.5.2,6.5.3,6.5.4

Safety test  

Overcharge protection 

Overdischarge protection    

Overtemperature protection     

GB 38031-2020.3  8.12,8.13,8.16 

Software operating mode

High speed current pulse test of power batterry         

Current step or ramp test                                                                         

Test the system software function

Voltage step or ramp test

Use a temperature monitor for battery temperature test

  • Current rise and fall response ≤2ms (0%-90%)

  • Charge and discharge conversion time ≤4ms (-90%-90%).

  • Voltage resolution 0.001V current resolution 0.001A power resolution 0.001kW ,minimum working time 50ms.

  • Charge and discharge mode: constant voltage, constant current, constant power, constant resistance, 

constant voltage to constant current, pulse current, pulse power, ramp current, ramp voltage, ramp power, constant cell voltage.