We can provide our customer EMC test that has specifically satisfied the different OEM ’s standard requirements to help develop the product performance for the very first time.

radiated emission(CISPR 25,GB/T 18655,GB/T 36282)

conduct emission (CISPR 25,GB/T 18655)

  • Radiofrequency field radiation immunity

    Strip line method(ISO 11452)

Radiofrequency field radiation immunity–magnetic field(ISO 11452)

Radiofrequency field radiation immunityHigh current injection method(ISO 11452,GB/T 17619,GB/T 36282)

  • Transient  conduction  immunity(ISO 7637,GB/T 21437,GB/T 36282)

  • Transient emission

    (ISO 7637, GB/T 21437)

  • Electrostatic discharge immunity

    (ISO 10605,GB/T 11951,GB/T 36282)

  • High-low voltage coupling

    (CISPR 25)

  • The high voltage component generates harmonic emission in the AC power line

    (IEC 61000,GB/T 17625)

  • The high voltage component in the AC power line voltage changes, fluctuations, flickering emission

    (IEC 61000,GB/T 17625)

  • The surge immunity of the high voltage component conducted along the AC and DC power lines

    (IEC 61000,GB/T 17625)

The electrical fast transient impulse group immunity of high voltage components conducted along AC and DC power lines(IEC 61000,GB/T 17625)

  • Voltage plunge, short interruption and voltage change immunity test

    (IEC 61000,GB/T 17625)

  • Shield high voltage transient immunity

    (ISO 7637)

  • High voltage shielded wire coupling clamp test(IEC 62153)

  • High voltage shielding line injection test

    (IEC 62153)

  • Power frequency field immunity

    (IEC 61000)

Low frequency immunity test of AC power port harmonic, harmonic and grid signal(IEC 61000,GB/T 17626)

All equipment in our EMC lab is ROHDE & SCHWARZ, SCHWARZBECK and TESEQ; We have 2 ETS full wave anechoic rooms, conduction testing laboratories, harmonic current & voltage fluctuations and flicker testing laboratories, transient conduction disturbance testing laboratories, electrostatic discharge testing laboratories, immunity testing laboratories, RF conduction Disturbance immunity testing laboratories, transient and surge (vehicle environment) testing laboratories, power line induction testing laboratories and communication surge testing laboratories . It can fully meet the test requirements of Oems.

                                                                               General Motors (GMW 3097)    VW Group, Skoda, Audi (TL81000)

                                                                       VOLVO (VDR-NOTE-SPEC-31850329)

                                                                       FAW Group (JA 3700)                      SAIC Motor (SMTC 3 800 006)

                                                                       GEELY (Q JLY J7110779D)            Great Wall (GWT A D05-02)

                                                                       GAC (QJ/GAC 1523.029)                NIO (NEV-STD-EE-0007)

                                                                       CEVT (8888621495-004)                 BAS (BAS582)