• The acoustics laboratory of new energy vehicles uses the semi-anechoic chamber (9 M * 8.5 M * 5M), multi-channel acoustic acquisition system, complete collection system of Heide Acoustic Department, human ear acoustic monitoring system, acoustic imaging system, MB vibration and other integration to collect and analyze the sound sources of vehicles in the process of operation, with  low noise of less than 19dB(A).


The Dimensional measurement laboratory uses computer-aided high-precision measurement equipment to perform high-precision three-dimensional measurements during production and quality control, as well as comparison of parts and composite structures (contact and non-contact). The company's equipment is widely used in testing, imaging, reverse engineering, production planning, inventory and completion documents.


New energy and high voltage electrical testing services t

o meet the growing market demand of electric vehicle industry, the company has completed the comprehensive construction of a series of reliability tests of new energy batteries and control circuits, connectors, motors, charging guns, DC contactors and fuses. The laboratory has the advantages of full power segment energy feedback, high accuracy of voltage and current, fast dynamic response, wide output range, multi-channel parallel, integrated reliability test and so on.