Sun-Simulation and Whole Vehicle Durability

STS has a 100m³ chamber for the whole vehicle test. length and width of about 7.5 m *6 m, and is equipped with ATLAS sunlight simulation light source, which can conduct the vehicle sunlight simulation test.

It meets the standard DIN 75220, and the irradiation intensity can reach 1500W/m2. It has 10 light sensors and can be equipped with multi-channel temperature sensors, to meet the requirements of Volkswagen, Benz, BMW and other German automobile enterprises.

STS has a self-developed four-door and two-cover endurance test system, which can be used for severe endurance fatigue tests of 3m/s. Acceleration can be adjusted according to standard. It can be placed in the whole vehicle environment compartment for vehicle endurance test at different temperatures.

STS can perform various types of stiffness tests in the whole vehicle chamber.STS can complete various types of vehicle simulation of outdoor environment test.