1. 在销售阶段根据项目要求制定统的方案,核算系统的材料及人工成本。
During sales phase, provide solutions for control system of the equipment according to project requirements and specifications.
2. 按照公司的设计规范及流程进行设备的机械设计,积极参与公司标准化的制定。
Do mechanical system design by following company standard and processes. Actively participate company standardization process.
3. 参与所设计设备的组装及调试。
Participate the assembly, testing and debugging work for the system designed.

1. 本科以上学历。
Bachelor’s degree or above
2. 机械设计或机电一体化专业毕业。
Majorin mechanical design or mechatronics
3. 掌握常用的机械设计软件(Solidworks、Catia、UG等)。
Master common 3D design software, such as Solid Works,Catia, UG and etc.
4. 掌握常用的机械机构(如蜗轮机构、荆轮机构、杠杆机构、无隙传动机构等)的工作原理,并且会根据需要进行设计。掌握常用的执行元件(如伺服电机、气缸等)的选型。
Solid experience in design mechanical mechanism and strong understanding mechanical theory. Familiar with commonly used mechanisms such as worm, clutch, lever, backslash free transmission and etc, good at implement execution devices such as servo motor, pneumatic cylinder and etc.
5. 有相关工作经验者优先。
Candidates with related working experience are preferred.
6. 良好的举止。
Good working manner.
7. 沟通能力强。
Strong communication capabilities.
8. 英语良好、具备较好的书面和口头表达能力。
GoodEnglish speaking and writing capabilities.